Leonardo da Vinci
Click on the correct answer.
1.  Leonardo was born in the year: 

1419          1452          1519
2.   His mother was called: 

Caterina       Lisa       Maria
3.   His father was called: 

Leonardo      Piero      Giovanni
4.   The words da Vinci actually mean: 

in the style of a winner

 from the town of Vinci
5.   When he was a teenager, Leonardo was trained in Florence by the well-known artist: 

Verrocchio       Michelangelo
6.    Leonardo painted the fresco known as The Last Supper. 
In Italian it is called:
il Cenacolo         il Centesimo
7.    Leonardo painted the famous portrait called Mona Lisa.
In Italian it is known as:

la Gioiosa            la Gioconda
8.    What is the name of the drawing below?
9.    Leonardo moved to France and became a good friend of which French King?

Francis I            Louis XIV
10.    Name the painting below:&nb