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Leonardo da Vinci
Click on the correct answer.
1.  Leonardo was born in the year: 

1419          1452          1519
2.   His mother was called: 

Caterina       Lisa       Maria
3.   His father was called: 

Leonardo      Piero      Giovanni
4.   The words da Vinci actually mean: 

in the style of a winner

 from the town of Vinci
5.   When he was a teenager, Leonardo was trained in Florence by the well-known artist: 

Verrocchio       Michelangelo
6.    Leonardo painted the fresco known as The Last Supper. 
In Italian it is called:
il Cenacolo         il Centesimo
7.    Leonardo painted the famous portrait called Mona Lisa.
In Italian it is known as:

la Gioiosa            la Gioconda
8.    What is the name of the drawing below?
9.    Leonardo moved to France and became a good friend of which French King?

Francis I            Louis XIV
10.    Name the painting below: 
11.    Name the painting below: 
12.    Name the painting below: 
13.    Name the painting below: 
14.    In which year did Leonardo die?

1519         1419         1619
15.    In which place is Leonardo laid to rest?

Pisa,  in Italy

Amboise,  in France

Montpellier,  in France
16.    What is the name of the painting below?
17.    Who is believed to have drawn the portrait of Leonardo below?
18.    What is the name of the painting below?
19.    What is the name of the painting below?
20.    The painting known as Virgin of the Rocks has two versions.  Where are they kept?

London and Paris

Florence and Parma
22.    The painting below is named The Baptism of Christ.   Leonardo painted it in collaboration with which other artist?
24.    Leonardo's birthday was:

15 April         24 June
25.    The following statement is believed to have been said by whom?
There has never been another man born in the world who knew as much as Leonardo, not so much about painting, sculpture and architecture, as that he was a very great philosopher.​

The French King, Francis I

Italian artist, Michelangelo
26.    Name the painting below.
27.    Leonardo had an apprentice who was also a loyal and trusted assistant.  Leonardo called him by which nickname?

Salsiccia      Salai
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