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Tutti a tavola!
Buon appetito!
Scegli le risposte corrette.
1.  The soft cheese that is traditionally used on a pizza is -


A.  la mozzarella

B.  il parmigiano

2.  Pasta that is baked in the oven, such as lasagne, is called -

A.  la pasta al forno

B.  la pastasciutta

3.  Le tagliatelle alla bolognese are long pasta ribbons that are -

A.   served boiling-hot    

  B.   a recipe from the area of Bologna

4.  The hard cheese that is grated and sprinkled over pasta dishes is called

A.   il parmigiano

B.   il mascarpone

5.  Il prosciutto crudo (such as Parma ham) actually means 

A.   the raw ham

B.   the cooked ham
6.    Le polpette means

A.   the meatballs

B.   the octopus
7.    Fish soup contains a mixture of fish, seafood, tomato and herbs.  It is good for dunking bread.
This soup is called......

A.   la zuppa inglese

B.   la zuppa di pesce
8.    There are lots of different kinds of mushroom eaten in Italy.  The word for mushroom is.....

A.  il fungo     B.  il fango
9.    La focaccia and la ciabatta are types of....

A.  pasta     B.  bread

10.    La ciabatta actually means -

A.   the boot

B.   the slipper


11.    A pizza that is folded over so that the toppings are kept inside is called -

A.  un calzone         B.  una calza

12.    The word calzone actually means -

A.  a shoe 

B.  a trouser leg
13.    Spaghetti alla carbonara is coated in - 

A.  beaten egg and pancetta (bacon)

B.   tomato sauce and pancetta

14.    'The lobster' is -

A.  l'arancia      B.  l'aragosta

'The squid' is -

A.  il calamaro     B.  la calamita    

15.    'Le melanzane' are a very popular vegetable in Italy.  

'Le melanzane alla parmigiana' is the style of preparing this vegetable in the town of Parma.

What are le melanzane?

A.  aubergines

 B.  artichokes
16.    'A ham sandwich' (made with a bread roll) is - 

A.  un panino al formaggio

B.  un panino al prosciutto

A sandwich made from sliced bread is called -

A.  un tramezzino

B.  una torta salata

17.    In the summer, Italians like to eat watermelon.  
It is 
called -

A.  l'anguria 

B.  il pomodoro

18.    In the winter, Italians like to eat chicken broth.  
It is 
called -

A.  il brodo di pollo

B.  il panino al pollo

19.    'La zuppa inglese' means 'English soup.'  
What exactly is this?

A.  the trifle      B.  the gravy
20.    The area of Modena is famous for producing -

A.  ice cream (il gelato)

B.  balsamic vinegar  (l'aceto balsamico)
21.    The salad consisting of sliced mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, olive oil and basil leaves is called -

A.  l'insalata caprese

B.  l'insalata mista
22.    Food that is sott'olio means that it is preserved in oil. 
If food is preserved sott'aceto, what does it mean?

A.  It is in vinegar.

B.   It is vacuum-packed.
23.    Lo spezzatino is -

A.   a meat stew

B.  an apple pie 
  Un proverbio italiano:

"L'appetito vien mangiando."

Una Domanda:
Secondo te -
"Si mangia per vivere e non si vive per mangiare."
"Si vive per mangiare e non si mangia per vivere."

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