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La Cuisine Française
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1.  Le coq au vin is a stew prepared with vegetables, wine and which meat?

A.  chicken           B.  lamb
2.   Une ficelle, un petit pain, une baguette and une flûte are all types of

A.  cake       B.  bread
3.  During a meal, which course is l'entrée?

A.  the starter     

B.  the main course
4.   What is la bouillabaisse?

A.  a type of ice-cream

B.  a fish soup
5.  La soupe à l'oignon is onion soup.  In France it is served with which ingredients on top?

A.  croûtons and melted Gruyère cheese

B.  breaded onion rings and cubes of bacon
6.  The French for 'the beans' is

A.  les haricots 

B.  les escargots