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Facts About Italy
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1.   The capital city of Italy is Rome. 
In italiano si dice:

A.  Roma           B.  Romeo
2.    The Leaning Tower of Pisa -
in italiano si chiama .........

A.  la Torre Pendente di Pisa
B.  il Toro Monello di Pisa
3.   The boat traditionally used on the canals of Venice is:
A.  un gambero 
 B.  una gondola
4.   The Pope - il Papa - lives in an area of Rome called
A.  Trastevere 
B.  Vaticano
5.   The ancient Roman arena, the Colosseum,  is called (in Italian):
A.  il Colosseo 
B.   la Colomba

6.   Etna is a:
A.   river           B.    volcano
7.   The river that flows through Florence is called:
A.  Arno        B.   Arnaldo
8.   In the year 79A.D. two famous events occurred in Italy.  One was the completion of the Colosseum.  The other was:

A.  The eruption of the volcano Vesuvio, destroying the towns of Pompei and Ercolano.

B.  The painting of the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.
9.   Which Italian artist painted the ceiling and the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel?  
A.  Michelangelo 
B.  Caravaggio
10.   The river Tiber flows through Rome.  In Italian, the river is called:
A.  il Tremore 
B.  il Tevere

11.   Which is the largest island of Italy?
A.  Elba      B.  Sicilia 
12.   La Scala Santa - The Holy Stairs - are found in an area of Rome called: 
A.  Vaticano      B.  Laterano
13.   What is il Ponte Sant'Angelo?
A.  A famous bridge in Venice
B.  A famous bridge in Rome
14.   The theatre in Milan called il Teatro alla Scala is famous for:
A.  opera  
B.  rock concerts
15.   The city of Venice - Venezia - is famous for producing:
A.  glass       B.   bricks
17.   Stromboli is a:
A.  a volcano           B.  a lake
18.   The famous bridge in the city of Florence - Firenze - is called:
A.  il Ponte Vecchio 
B.   Il Ponte dei Sospiri
19.   The Italian island that lies just south of the French island Corsica is:
A.  Sicilia  (Sicily)
B.  Sardegna  (Sardinia)
20.     Lampedusa is a:
A.  volcano    B.  island
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