Facts About Italy
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1.   The capital city of Italy is Rome. 
In italiano si dice:

A.  Roma           B.  Romeo
2.    The Leaning Tower of Pisa -
in italiano si chiama .........

A.  la Torre Pendente di Pisa
B.  il Toro Monello di Pisa
3.   The boat traditionally used on the canals of Venice is:
A.  un gambero 
 B.  una gondola
4.   The Pope - il Papa - lives in an area of Rome called
A.  Trastevere 
B.  Vaticano
5.   The ancient Roman arena, the Colosseum,  is called (in Italian):
A.  il Colosseo 
B.   la Colomba

6.   Etna is a:
A.   river           B.    volcano
7.   The river that flows through Florence is called:
A.  Arno        B.   Arnaldo